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Our Lake

Peck's Lake is a 1,370 acre man-made lake (see History), with clear and clean water, surrounded by a carefully preserved environment.

Peck's Lake is approximately 5 miles long and two miles wide, the largest lake completely within Fulton County. Mainly due to its geographical location, it has, to date, been completely unaffected by acid rain, and is not only the finest fishing lake in Fulton County, but one of the few excellent fishing lakes remaining in the Southern Adirondacks. Also, our lake is completely unpolluted, with extremely clear, clean water.

Created from its original three bodies of water, the lake offers great fishery structure and habitat. The lake is home to Northern Pike, Walleye, Rainbow and Brown Trout, Pickerel, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Rockbass, Crappies, Yellow Perch, Bluegills,and Bullheads, all supported through our annual fish-stocking program.

You can learn more about Peck's Lake by visiting the Peck's Lake Protective Association Web site.






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